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Shill Gates: Scammer KO

The Plot on Shill Gates

Scammer, Shill Gates Takes to Social Media Under the Guise of Marketing

If you’ve searched for cryptocurrency-related topics on Twitter, you have almost certainly come across the infamous Shill Gates, a seemingly popular crypto influencer account. The comical name, avatar, and tone of the account are entertaining, but when this supposed “influencer” begins to suggest specific cryptocurrency projects to its followers, some wonder if it’s gone too far.

This post outlines the growth of the Shill Gates account and assesses whether there is any legitimacy to this self-proclaimed “digital marketer”.

There is just no shortage of negative information on Twitter when it comes to Shill Gates. Continue reading and we will lay out the indisputable evidence for our claims that Shill Gates, is essentially a scammer.



Foundation of Deception

While it is common knowledge to some, many people don’t realize the degree to which influencer accounts are manipulated. Follower and engagement metrics are regularly abused in order to entice both consumers and marketing firms. In the case of Shill Gates, the abuse is rampant and readily available. 

His unethical behavior is evident both with his followers and the companies that pay for his services to promote them. He does this under the disguise of a legitimate account with legitimate engagement. When, in fact, it is all a lie.

Gates‘ follower base is manipulated, making engagement numbers suspect. However, this scammer is happy to flaunt engagement metrics to fool unsuspecting marketing teams and provide consumers with an unrealistic understanding of the account’s true social credibility. Digital Marketers have known for years that it is dangerous to place too much value on vanity metrics, hence the conversations about marketing ROI. Unfortunately, many young projects are entering cryptocurrency and are lacking in traditional marketing support to help avoid low-value influencer tactics.

We will bring forth evidence of admittance by Gates himself for the following:

  • Purchased account with 8k fake followers
  • Zero concern for the finances of his ‘real’ followers
  • Paid for engagement and ‘likes’ on his own tweets
  • Photo shopping DM conversations
  • Taking loans from friends without intentions of return
  • Contradicts himself constantly
  • Lies about working for projects
  • Shill gates is completely broke

We can start with ‘a’ pathetic Shill Gates purchasing likes on posts to either boost viewers’ perception of his popularity or in the case below, just to win an internet argument.



Gates goes on to admit (after being called out) that he bought an account with fake followers, 8k to be exact, and even laughs about it proudly.

It is absurd how ridiculous his behavior is.

Just in case you think Gates was joking and brushing off the accusations, please look below at Tyson’s tweet, where you can see that the account started with bought followers.

All followers under 10k (he purchased two batches) are fake.

Fungus lays out out very clearly in this video as well.

There is absolutely no shortage of threads where you find Gates either arguing his innocence or admitting guilt to accusations brought forth by someone in the community. From his shilling of shitcoins to white knighting or just finding himself in petty dramas, Gates more times than not, is in controversy.

What is painfully obvious is that he is so paradoxical that he actually believes his own delusions & perception.



If you follow Gates long enough you know he’s incredibly predictable and that he will constantly screw up.

Gates will attempt to have you believe that he is unwilling to shill scams such as Bitconnect.

Yet, he will also go on to say:

There is absolutely no truth that one can hold onto when it comes to this individual. He is the epitome of a scam artist.

If that’s not enough, in this next tweet he literally has you believe he is on the right side of the fence stating…

Acting, or whats worse, believing he is doing right by his followers and their money, shilling them shitcoins for profit and personal gains.

Then, with that same breath he will lie by saying…

Apart from that, Gates, who will have you believe he’s a good trader of cryptocurrency, is absolutely broke, having to borrow money from friends who trust he will pay them back.

When Gates was presented with this tweet, he decided to tell everyone what his real intentions were when borrowing the money.


It doesn’t get more sinister than that. Moving on…

Below @RNR_0 aka Romano is tired of Gates and points out his hypocrisy.



Gates just can’t keep himself out of trouble, using any means necessary to try and stay relevant.

He even goes as far as photo-shopping DM conversations to publicly embarrass his rivals, only to completely make a fool of himself.



How far will one go? It seems Gates set a new standard to that question.

We’ve seen this all before! Ya’ll remember Trevon James? Gates is literally the embodiment of Trevon minus the dreds & YT videos.

To all you noobs, Trevon is well known for his involvement with a ponzi scheme called Bitconnect. He is literally still fighting for his life in court.

While Gates would have you believe he would never shill such a project like Bitconnect, we believe the evidence presented thus far prove otherwise.


Disregard for Consumers

In the world of marketing, the ethics debate has always raged. Some choose to work with companies that sell tobacco, some don’t. The moral implications are always fun to discuss, but in reality, there are legal ramifications for many advertising tactics. The overarching principle when it comes to advertising legally, is to protect the consumer from harm.

The SEC recently made it’s stance on protecting cryptocurrency investors very clear:

“The SEC protects Investors, and expects you to.”

In the midst of this formative regulatory environment, Shill Gates is shockingly open about his thoughts on the impact that his work may have on consumers. Here are a few examples from Twitter, starting with this statement from Shill Gates regarding consumer protection:

I’m not responsible for the actions of other grown men and women. Grow the fuck up and take some responsibility for your own financial decisions. Stop blaming other people for getting you rekt. YOU got YOU rekt.





Warped Sense of Responsibility

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to take shape, it is important to remember how fragile the ecosystem is; meaning that an issue in one niche can easily impact another. Marketers and projects that are active now are, in a sense, working in concert to build a brand new industry. This is a crucial time to disavow poor behavior that could lead to a black eye on the entire industry… and possibly to harsher regulation for cryptocurrency advertising.

While Shill Gates may not care about building something in this disrupted market, he is certainly taking steps to give influencer marketing a bad name. If Shill Gates truly believes the following statements, he is a danger to all influencers hoping to build a long-term career in the cryptocurrency space (or any financially-related space):

“The title of scammer is so odd to me. Who exactly am I scamming? I don’t create these projects, nor do I have any form of intent. I sell ad space, that’s it. I do my diligence to make sure that the projects aren’t outright scams. I’d never promote something like Bitconnect.”


Unfortunately for this scammer, there are regulations around advertising. Plus, financial products and services is one of the most heavily regulated marketing industries. So when Shill Gates defines his role as selling “ad space” in conjunction with other comments about his own lack of accountability to consumers, it likely sends chills down the spine of seasoned financial services marketers.

This statement from Shill Gates demonstrates his lack of basic financial product/service marketing ethics.

“Anyone not researching financial investments deserves to get rekt. I’m not liable for your shitty habits.”




“Nobody is responsible for what you do with your money but you.”


Heading for Trouble?

The more vocal Shill Gates becomes, the more evidence he leaves of his true intentions.
CtMZ podcast featured the scammer becoming irate when asked to engage in honest conversation about his tactics. Shill Gates shouted “all shit coins are scams” referring to the entire group of cryptocurrency projects that are not Bitcoin. Therefore, Shill Gates made it clear that he believes all of the projects he promotes are scams.
Shill Gates then back-peddled on his position after being called out on social media.



This behavior is not new. Shill Gates regularly lashes out at those seeking honest conversations about his methods and views. He went as far as posting private messages from a potential client to make a case that projects are “beating down” his door.



Shill Gates is comfortable posting misleading information, making many wonder if there are limits to what he will say or do to make money. Several instances played out on Twitter recently, with Shill Gates posting manipulated or misleading private message images.




In the end, cryptocurrency-centric marketers are increasingly calling out Shill Gates on his tactics because behavior such as his is a detriment to our entire industry.

Time for Marketers to Stand Up

Ultimately, the goal of this article is to expose unscrupulous “influencers” such as Shill Gates so that fewer companies employ these scammers and fewer people fall prey to their misinformation. There are many skilled, professional marketers in this industry ready to apply their craft. However, they can be hard to recognize in the midst of cartoon avatars and debauchery that naturally goes along with crypto.

Should Your Project Assume the Risk?

For the marketers of up-and-coming projects reading this, take a long moment to consider whether your fledgling brand can assume the risk of being associated with an individual such as Shill Gates. The simple decision to include this person in your promotion efforts may be the undoing of all your hard work.

Finding the Right Influencer

There are many successful tactics used to build awareness in the cryptocurrency industry. Influencer marketing is one such tactic, but the risks are significant and the ability to control those risks is almost non-existent. That being said, here are some tips for selecting a social media influencer for your project:

  1. Look beyond vanity metrics such as follower and engagement rates.
  2. Ask potential influencers about their view on the ideal marketing strategy for your project. Cross check their answer with their social media posts, website, podcast, etc. to confirm consistency.
  3. Review past work and assess for quality. How did those prior projects perform after being promoted by the influencer? If negative results, how does the influencer explain their level of accountability? If positive, what steps did the influencer take to contribute to the success?
  4. Look for content creation beyond tweets and images. Does the influencer produce blog posts or host a podcast? If so, review these before engaging with any influencer.
  5. Remember that the influencers you associate with your brand can bring your project up or down. Choose wisely.

Take Action

The cryptocurrency community is small, and the marketing community that serves it is even smaller. With the lack of formal regulation, it is important to take action to reduce the opportunity for scammers like Shill Gates to misguide projects and consumers. 





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